Designing Systems for Scrap Material Recovery and Dust Collection

Environmental Pneumatics, Inc. is an engineering and manufacturing company specializing in the custom design, fabrication, and installation of pneumatic systems that recover scrap material and filter dust.

The industries we serve include printing, folding carton, corrugated box, tissue, woodworking, grain, steel, chemical, lead, and plastics.

Environmental Pneumatics, Inc. and its wholly-owned manufacturing subsidiary, Pneu Fab Inc., is an engineering, manufacturing, and installation group formed in 1992. We have sought out and hired some of the most experienced personnel in our field. The combined experience level of our sales, engineering, and management is over 125 years.

The production and processing of paper, board, grains, steel, and plastics create dust that may be hazardous and scrap materials that are recyclable. A trim waste vacuum air system will automate removing scrap products from the production area, allowing the machinery to operate  24/7. The air systems transport the scrap and dust to a separator and filtration system. The waste is either recycled within the plant or sold to recyclers as a revenue stream for the company. The air is filtered and returned to the plant or atmosphere.